5 ideas with top strategies

entrepeneurship with strong strategy

I’m a big fan of ideas that turn into projects and grow into solid businesses. These “small” projects (I put small in quotes because in many cases the only thing small is the number of people in the team or their budget) have many qualities: passion, enthusiasm and the absence of complex corporate structures, (which […]


6 tools to track your competitors’ online moves.

In 2024 you will not fall behind anyone, especially your competitors. So tracking your competitors moves is definitely on the “in” list this year. Especially when it comes to keeping up with shifting, strategies, campaigns and launches. Why is important to know what your competitors are doing? To find your competitive advantage and drive brand strategy, […]


Learn from Spotify Wrapped the formula for going viral.

Digital Marketing Spotify Wrapped

When Spotify Wrapped came out in 2017, it hit my group chats as breaking news, and, since then, every end of the year, most of my friends, colleagues and family have been looking forward to learning more about (and sharing) their listening habits. In 2022, Spotify reported nearly 160 million listeners engaged with Wrapped, that’s […]


Is there room for empathy in a small business?

There are so many different skills that deserve attention in the business world, however, my favourite one, empathy, is one skill that since when I was a child was underrated, overlooked and undervalued, or at least, it was until now. Why did I say “until now”? Because things are changing, nowadays people expect more from […]


Small Business Spotlight. A talk with Impresum.

En un mundo en el que impera lo digital, ¿qué futuro le espera a la imprenta? Hace unos meses, tuve el placer de charlar con Daniel Matoses, del equipo Impresum, sobre el rol que desempeña la impresión a la hora de llevar a cabo proyectos creativos, construir una marca y acercarla a las personas, y […]


The checklist for building your business online presence

This is the new normal: 97% of consumers use the Internet to find a business. – Research by SEO Tribunal. That’s why having an online presence is important. So today I share with you this checklist to make sure your business has everything it needs to be visible online. 1. HAVE A WEBSITE It’s not enough […]


How brand image helps to communicate values and build credibility.

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Your brand image is more than a pretty logo that identifies your business, product, or service. It’s a mix of associations customers make based on every interaction they have with your business. But small businesses do not always give the right importance to it, don’t really think about their brand image until there’s a problem […]