Yeah! Let's know each other

Hi, my name is Madda!

I am a freelance digital strategist &  founder of CREO (which means“I create” in Spanish). I help brands to create and share content to win their customers’ hearts in the digital world.

After more than 10 years working between Italy and UK as a marketing specialist in IKEA and then in Spain as a digital strategist in a creative agency, I decided to start my own business and do things my way.

How? I create strategies and tactics from top to channel, from a brand and business understanding to stand out in the digital world.

Some kind words about Creo...

In case you want to know a bit more...

My studies

I graduated in Economics & Management (Univ. Cattolica Milan). Master in Marketing & Communication (Univ. Cattolica Milan).

Where to find me

Around the world. I love so much travelling that I lived in four different countries, learning marketing and working on it. But at the moment I’m based in Valencia, Spain.

In the sector

I am a member of Más Mujeres Creativas, a non-profit association that since 2016 promotes visibility and equal opportunities for creative women contributing to a more equal and diverse creative sector in Spain.

Now that you know me,
what if I tell you how we work together?