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The secret formula to create content that connect

Why there are some brands that create strongest connection than others? The answer is emotions. Brands able to create genuine, useful and engaging communication are able to connect better with people. How? By transforming unique ideas in valuable content, useful for their audience, that creates feelings.
Today I want to share with you the ingredients of my secret formula to create valuable content, to help you find your voice and tell your story in an authentic, powerful way.


Let me start with my favourite part. Strategy, first! Here I’m talking about the core of your brand and all its actions. Strategy starts with a deep understanding of people. It’s not rocket science, but many brands seem to forget the human bit in their marketing. Starting with the person, not the product, is how creativity breaks through.


 My favourite playground. Creativity. But here I’m talking about data-informed creativity to transform unique ideas in valuable content to connect with people. Think of it this way: compelling content is king, and creative development is queen, and the royal couple requires cultivation and time. Have fun, be brave, let your imagination run free but always without losing sight of your brand objectives. 


Let’s start by thinking what makes a person authentic? Maybe it’s someone who is thoughtful? Or is someone you fell a strong connection with? Or is someone that expresses emotions freely and clearly? Or maybe it’s all the previous ones and more? The truth is that there isn’t just one definition that allows us to see objectively what authenticity is and what it’s not. We can say that authenticity is the sum of elements that makes you feel comfortable, safe and welcomed.
So how can we translate this when we are talking about a brand? When we talk about authentic brand communication, we are talking about projects that are able to genuinely communicate who they are, what they do and how they see the world.


In a world where we consume content faster and faster we don’t need to fall into the error of choosing quantity over quality. Don’t communicate because you feel you have to, instead focus on creating a plan. Why? Because you should create content in order to achieve your business objectives, whether is to sell, promote something or positioning yourself each piece of content should add value to your brand, strength your voice and create healthy relationship with your audience.


I believe that the success of your business, apart from having a good product or service that meets the expectations of your clients, depends also from what you make people feel, how deeply you connect. Content creation is about this. Emotions. Feelings. Vibrations. Because as human beings we all feel and have emotions, right? They are the engines of what we think, say and do. If your brand connects, you build trust and create lasting-healthy relationships. Isn’t this exactly what happens with people we love?
What is valuable content for you? Do you have any other elements that you think we should incorporate in the list? If so, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.
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