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6 tools to track your competitors’ online moves.

In 2024 you will not fall behind anyone, especially your competitors. So tracking your competitors moves is definitely on the “in” list this year. Especially when it comes to keeping up with shifting, strategies, campaigns and launches. 

Why is important to know what your competitors are doing? To find your competitive advantage and drive brand strategy, to stay ahead of the game, to discover opportunities and gaps in the market.

Here are my picks for the best tools for doing a quick and easy competitor analysis:

If you’re looking to analyse your competitors’ content, you’ll love BuzzSumo. Just enter the domain you are interested in analysing and click “Go” to get all those publications that have had a better performance. You will be able to see the backlinks of their content and the number of users who shared it. And not only that, you can also see the Facebook posts with the most engagement and the days and times that get the most reactions.

The EyeOn of Semrush makes competitor monitoring easy. Simply enter your domain and up to 9 of your top competitors into the app, and you’ll discover data about their activity across the web, including new blog articles, new website pages, summaries of their search ads, and social media posting trends.

With Meta’s ad library you can perform searches that will include all the ads currently running on Facebook and  Instagram. Just enter your location and an ad category and you can start your search.

You probably already know Google Alerts, maybe you have even used it, but perhaps you haven’t taken advantage of all the potential that this tool has to spy on your competition! You can create alerts containing your competitors and thus obtain their backlinks and monitor their mentions.


WooRank is a SEO tool that, in addition to tracking the performance of your page and offering advice and recommendations to perform better, also allows you to spy on your competitors. Just enter the URL of your competitors’ websites and you will get a super detailed report on its SEO positioning, backlinks, web usability, etc.

Milled is a search engine for email newsletters. You can spy on your competitors’ emails and gain valuable insights into their email marketing strategies. 

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