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The checklist for building your business online presence

This is the new normal: 97% of consumers use the Internet to find a business. – Research by SEO Tribunal.

That’s why having an online presence is important. So today I share with you this checklist to make sure your business has everything it needs to be visible online.

Have a website Creo

It’s not enough to have an account on social media. After all, just getting new followers is not your business goal, right? Your website is the place where you can show off your brand, through colours, fonts, text, video or images. It’s your online front shop door, where you can invite people to enter, present a solution to their problem and since you own it, you can change it as and when you want while on social media you rely on changes that they decide to apply to the platform.

Who buys your products or services? People. So your business should focus first on creating value for them. How? One way can be to provide educational, free content online or give advice. Not only is this helpful for your customers but it twill also help you improve your online presence.

This is logic, the more content you produce and the more opportunities you have to show up online! Having an online presence is all about showing up in search engines, on social media, and third parties websites. But as I mentioned in the previous point, remember to create only valuable content. A good place to start? Think about the platforms you want to show up online. Do you want to be on Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tock, Youtube, Etsy, a specific and influential website in your sector or Amazon? Prioritize the places where your customers are active and start brainstorming the most appropriate content for those media.

One of the most effective ways to build your online presence is to create and grow your email list. Email is a powerful tool that helps you stay in contact with your audience while boosting your SEO. To grow your email list, you can create content that users have to sign-up to receive. It could include a special offer, an invitation to an event, sharing interesting news, a promo of your new podcast episode. Be creative about it, make it entertaining. Make people want to receive your next newsletter.

Be active Online Creo


It’s a no-brainer. If you want to show up online, you must be active online. This includes regularly posting to your owned website and social media accounts. Engage in conversations with your followers or in industry-related forums, show up to online events. It’s like in the real world, the more active you are and the more you are seen. So you have to do the same in the digital world.

If you are looking to grow naturally your business online, this checklist will help you. Building an online presence is not an easy task, it requires effort, consistency while keeping the focus on the right place but over time it will pay off with increased sales and better brand awareness in your industry.

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