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Digital Marketing Spotify Wrapped

Learn from Spotify Wrapped the formula for going viral.

When Spotify Wrapped came out in 2017, it hit my group chats as breaking news, and, since then, every end of the year, most of my friends, colleagues and family have been looking forward to learning more about (and sharing) their listening habits.

In 2022, Spotify reported nearly 160 million listeners engaged with Wrapped, that’s 40 million more listeners than 2021. 

Whilst Spotify Wrapped is fascinating and lots of fun, it definitely showcases the power of digital marketing. 

What we can learn from Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify released Wrapped as a successor of their ‘Year in Music’ campaign, intending to create FOMO (fear of missing out). 

Wrapped uses app data to bring their customers a personalised summary of what they’ve been listening to throughout the year. It usually includes a user’s top 5 favourite artists, most played songs, favourite genres and most listened podcasts (if any). This changed the game for Spotify! 

Every year users can’t wait to see and share their Wrapped leaving non-users feeling like they’re missing out. It created a domino effect drawing new users to download the app, use it for longer, and get their custom Wrapped at the end of the year. Spotify made it easy for people to share with just one click, which generate an insane amount of user generated content. 

Why is Spotify Wrapped so great?

Because it generates content directly from users. In 2022, Wrapped saw an increase in the total number of posts, interactions, potential impressions and unique authors, making it the best year to date. There were over 425 million tweets about Wrapped in the first 3 days after its launch.

Only people who have Spotify can share this data, which creates exclusivity,  leaving non-users feeling like they’re missing out. But also, having new graphics, and colour combinations year on year makes Wrapped feel that bit more exclusive, once you’ve missed it, it’s gone!

The campaign focuses on people, who become the centre of the action, making them more willing to share the results, but while doing so they also boost the visibility of the brand. Artists are also sharing the results achieved on Spotify, they promote the platform (it’s a double win, promotion from the users and from the artists).


Spotify Wrapped is a wonderful digital campaign because the cost of it it’s ridiculous. The content is optimized for social media and the in-app experience prompts users to share it. Creating personalized content that your audience wants to share is a winning low-budget strategy. Give your audience a conversation to join and the engagement will follow.

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