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Rising trend: The slow life and how to translate it into your marketing strategy.

We live in fast-paced times: one technology replaces another before we have time to fully understand it and integrate it into our habits. Innovations last on the shelves in the blink of an eye, because they are run over by novelties. Fads barely last, they are more ephemeral than ever.

Business cycles are shortening, the need for immediate results is pressing, and some digital marketing and performance disciplines promise us the false security that everything we invest will multiply in a kind of modern miracle of the loaves and fishes.

But even if the world seems going faster, we need to resist and reclaim the need for brands to act in the long term. Convince them to commit to long-term platforms that leave a lasting impression, that build a code and that generate authentic and lasting connections with consumers.

Creating a Slow-Living brand is all about consistency. Building for the long term pays off and undoubtedly helps the short term work better too. In a fast-paced world, agencies have a renewed mission: let's fight for brands to be able to do things in slow mode.

How can you create content related to the slow living trend? The content often revolves around tasks and hobbies such as gardening, upcycling furniture, and making a proper cup of coffee. And what does this means for brands? At the most basic level, brands associated with related hobbies, such as gardening and cooking, can tap into the slow living trend by adjusting their creative plans to connect with consumers who crave this content. Alternatively, advertising against slow living content can work across product categories.

But the biggest lesson for brands comes from acknowledging and understanding that there’s been a shift in behaviour, and this reflects new consumer desires and needs. This slow living trend provides insight into the state of mind of consumers right now. This can help us understand how receptive their key audiences are to new messaging and be more strategic in reaching their goals. Brands can use these insights to recalibrate their media and creative plans accordingly.

Will the slow living trend continue over the next years? I do believe, and hope, is going to stay for awhile.

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